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AJEC Inc. Privacy Policy 

1. Privacy policy

To customers who use media such as applications and websites (hereinafter referred to as "customers")

We offer various services. As a company trusted by our customers and by society as a whole,

Under the recognition that proper handling is not only legal request but also social responsibility, regarding handling of personal information

We will comply with laws and regulations and take responsible responses.

2. About the handling of personal information

Personal information collected from customers can be used in one of the following ways.

 ・ Inquiries from customers

 We will use your information regarding inquiries. .

 ・ When ordering from customers

 We will use this information for billing and fill in order information.

 If problems occur with processing your order, we will contact you using your information.

3. What is personal information

Personal information is information on living individuals, and specific persons are referred to by their name, date of birth and other descriptions included in the information

Things that can be identified, including those that can easily be matched with other information, thereby allowing identification of a particular individual.

And personal identification code are included.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

We will share this information only for third parties that are required for ordering / delivery.

You can share your personal information with credit card processing, shipping, data management, collection processing, promotion service, operation support, questionnaire, contest etc.

In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the government agencies or local public entities or persons entrusted with them to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, by obtaining the consent of the principal

This also applies to cases where there is a danger of hindering the performance of the affairs.

5. Discard personal information

 We will destroy the acquired personal information when it is reasonably considered unnecessary in light of business management by our company.

6. Person in charge of personal information management

 ASTRO. CO. LTD 1-23-4 Hoshigaoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya city, 464-0801, Japan

7. Change of privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy in order to further protect personal information or due to law enactment or amendment etc. Therefore,

We recommend that you check regularly.

  2022 Oct 7 Establishment and enforcement
ASTRO Company Ltd.

We are chosen to be a company of the japanese car parts exporter.

1-23-4 Hoshigaoka Chikusa-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi,464-0801, Japan


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